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Becoming Legal in May 2013

The count down begins! I will officially become "legal" in May 2013!  


May 2013 marks the month that I will never have to brief a case again, I will never have to find the call of the question again, I will never have to pretend to pay attention while my professor is discussing law and logic again and I will never have to call myself a "Law Student" ever again! 


However, before I get too excited, I have to remember that May 2013 is two years away. Yes...Two years. It actually hurt writing that. To keep me focused (and to pay tribute to my hero Oprah), I have decided to make a list of my present and future goals... 


Short Term Goal: Give a true depiction of Law School through the eyes of a third-year twenty-something year old Miller Lite Girl turned Legal.  


Long Term Goal: Somehow turn this blog into a money making machine so that I can pay off all of the infamous law school student loans that I have acquired during the course of my legal studies.  


Longer Term Goal:  Buy a Mercedes. White please. (Hey- I'm just letting the universe know that I am ready.) 


Even Longer Term Goal: Graduate Law School in May 2013, pass the California B.A.R. in July 2013 and begin working with the law firm of my choice. Cake. 


Goals in between long term, longer term and even longer term goals: Meet a boy, fall in love (hopefully with the same one), meet Oprah Winfrey, win the lottery, move out of Freddy & Beth's house, find Dylan a girlfriend and ace/or just pass all of my law school exams!


Law school can't possibly be all books and no play... actually it can be and it has been


Welcome to my journey Becoming Legal

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