Have you ever heard of the saying, "It takes a village..."? I have always loved this saying because I have been able to apply it to all my achievements. This saying has proved to be most truthful right now as I navigate my way through the ups and downs of law school. I think I appreciate the saying because it makes me feel like I am not going through this alone; It makes me feel as though failing is not an option; It makes me appreciate the support I have because I understand that It takes a village to get ME through law school.

The Following People Are My Village:

From Left to Right: My sister/ my best friend/ my other half, My Dad/ My Rock/ My Savoir/ My Hero, Me!, My Step-Momma/ My No. 1 Fan/ My Inspiration.

My sister married her best friend and gave me the ultimate gift by doing so...
a brother/ a protector/a voice of reason. 

My Momma: My mom has given me every bit of confidence & strength I have; she has taught me how to unconditionally love; how to be independent and how to be me.

 PAPA: The rock of our family and a true depiction of what a "man" is.

 NONIE: The strongest woman I know.

 I am thankful everyday that my grandparents are still married, still alive and still having fun.

Roommate No. 1 & Roommate No. 2- 
Sometimes when they are really good, I will allow them to stay out later than 11:00 p.m.

What would Thing 1 be without Thing 2? 
To get more of Thing 2 CLICK HERE!

My Prince! 

My Family

and my No. 1 team member through all of this law school madness:
(Click HERE to get a taste of his brilliance)