Dear Dad

Date: August 18, 2011/ September 9, 2011

Re: Law School Materials

Me: "Hi Dad! I bought some law school study aides on your credit card. The total is $255. Do you mind if I pay you in 2 installment payments of $127.50 from my next two paychecks? Love you"

Dad: "Sure Honey."

Me: "Thank you! Love you"

Follow up email on September 9, 2011

Me: "Hi Dad- Being the child of my word, I have just deposited $700 into Beth's Account.

You can do 1 of 2 Things:

1) You can put $572.50 towards my loan and keep $127.50. (Then my next paycheck I will give another chunk and you can deduct the other $127.50 that I owe you)


2) You can put $445 towards my loan and take the full $255 I owe you!

(FYI- This is for the law school materials I bought with your credit card and which are also specified in this email chain.)

I also used your credit card to upgrade me to first class. I was sick and knew that you would have rather me fly in luxury than have to sit back with the peasants who probably got me sick in the first place. LOVE YOU!"

Dad: "I’ll do whatever you want me to do. I am so happy that I was able to keep you from being infested by peasants. Your comfort and wellbeing are my priority! You should have upgraded on the second leg as well! Love you, Dad" 

Me: "I figured that I cannot hold myself too high. Dancing with the less privileged is good for the soul at times. That is why I chose to sit with them on the last leg. Go ahead and take the full amount! I'm a ballllller. lsjdflal;skfd" 

Dad: "I a so proud of your humbleness."

Me: "Thank you much."

Date: August 25, 2011

Re: What the heck!?

Me: "Freddy Adames! This is the second morning in a row that you have not said goodbye to me! What the heck? You are WAY too independent." 

Dad: "I’m sorry. But you were sleeping when I left!"

Me: "I know! I slept through my alarm! Beth woke me up! I wasn't even able to give Dylan the proper Good Morning Attention that he usually gets :( "

Date: August 17, 2011

Re: I miss you monkey!

Me: "Hi Dad! I hope your trip in Brazil is going well! I just wanted to let you know that I transferred $800 for my loan before we left for Mexico. I just transferred $200 today (which will likely show up in the account within 5 days.) That $200 is money I owe for Beth's IPAD and some money for Mexico. I just got paid yesterday. I am depositing my paycheck today and will transfer an additional $300 to put towards my loan. Love you! Stiny"

Dad: "I miss you too small brain! Yes, I saw the $800 and already put it towards your loan. The additional money is perfect. Good job. You'll get that paied before you know it. Rio is good. Working hard and ready to go home. I'll see you Friday. I love you. Dad" 

Date: July 7, 2011

Re: Party Animals

Dad/Beth: "Hi Stiny, We are going to go see our friend, Mark (my boss), play in his band at a venue in Gilroy tomorrow night with a bunch of people from work.  Do you want to go?  If so, I’ll ask him for another ticket. Have a great day. Beth"

Me: "Thanks roomies ;) I think I am going to stay home on Friday and let you party animals have a good time. I need to start focusing on my comprehensive exam. Love you."

Date: June 9, 2011 

Re: Loan

Me:  "FYI- I just transferred an additional $700 to Beth's account for my loan. You should see it in about 5 days. LOVE YOU!"

Dad: "Thank you! I love you too. What happened with the rest?"

Me: "Too many questions."

Dad: "What are you a lawyer?"

Me: "Almost father.... almost...."


Date: June 9, 2011

Re: Dinner
Me: "What did the eagle say at dinner last night?"

Dad: No response. 

Date: June 1, 2011

Re: New Address

Me: "Hello everyone! X and I have a new address (Same address, different Apartment Number): xxx..Love you guys! Stiny"

Angry Older Sister: "How many people really send you mail where we need continuous updates of your address....omg"

Me: "I get more mail than you think... You don't know this, but I am pen pals with every single family member."

Angry Older Sister: "I am pretty sure that is a lie....and I know for a fact you don't check you mail because I send you stuff all the time and you get it 3 years later!"

Me: "Exxxxxactly. The true story is... I must update allllll of the family with my new address so that the weekly presents and thoughtful daily cards they send me can continue to flood my mail box. To let you in on the messages that are in the thoughtful cards, please read the following excerpts taken verbatim out of them:  "Daughter of the Year! We LOVE you!"; "Niece Fight that Lease! We are soooo proud of you!", "Cousin You're So Stunnin. I wish I could be you!", "You make our Familia Whole. It wouldn't be the same without you!"- Just to give you a few examples- and those just came today!)" 

Angry Older Sister: "I literally just cried as I was reading these and Jon giggled out loud...I'll give it to are pretty witty."

Dad: "I can’t even compete with that!"

Date: May 22, 2011

Re: Oprah

Dad: "Are you devastated that Oprah’s show is ending?"

Me: "Yes father I am"

Date: May 12, 2011

Re: Loan

Me: "Freddy- I forgot to transfer $250 to you from my last paycheck with all the madness going on. I just transferred it today. You should see it with in 5 days. I get paid on Monday and will be transferring another $250 next week.

I also have a check for you from sister for $200 and cash from X that should equal $420 (however, I used some of it ;) ) I LOVE YOU!!!!!"

Dad: "Thank you. I love you too. By the way, your tax return checks arrived! And just to be clear, it should be $200 from sister and $420 form X, total $620. Will I get at least half of that?"

Me: "oh dad... you are so silly. How much did I get for my return?? You can choose what you would like to do with it... either put it towards my loan or MEXICO!!!!

You will be pleased to know that sisters came in the form of a check (I therefore could not scam you) and X's is cash, which has approximately $380 left out out of the $420 he asked me to give to you and NOT to spend or he would kill me. Please do not, therefore, advise my boyfriend that I am scamming you and him or I will lose my life! hahahah I had to use a $20 for the cab ride home from the airport and I use $40 in NC!"

Dad: "You have two checks, I think the total is around $800. You should put that towards your loan. Your scamming technique is not very good because you said there is $380 left but yet you spent $60 ($20 for taxi and $40 in NC). That would have left me with $360 (not $380). Are you planning on taking another $20?"

Me:  "My apologies sir. I just recounted and there is exactly $374. That is my best offer!"

Dad: "Wow. Thank you very much. It has been a pleasure negotiating with you."

Me: "You are a tough cookie to negotiate with. I am glad we found a resolution. "

Dad: "I feel privileged…………………………"

Me: "As do I freddy... as do I." 

Date: August 27, 2010

Re: Early Christmas Present?!

Me: "Hi Dad!!!!

I have an amazing opportunity for you!!!! My professor told the class about these pens and how it would be a great thing to get for law school.

As you take notes, it records the lecture, allows you to upload the notes to your computer, translates it into script  and comes with a pad of paper that records images of your notes and puts it into PDF form. Check it out!!!!"

Dad: "OMG!!!!!!!! I am so exited! And SHIPMENT IS FREE with Super Saver Shipping! Would you please buy it with my credit card so I can give it to you as a surprise?"

Me: "Dad...I'm going to have to think about this one. Ill let you know what I decide is best for the both of us. I will need some time."

Dad: "Christina, but it comes with gift wrap option, and it can be delivered by Monday August 30!, please…………………………………….."

Me: "Freddy, You need to be patient. I am at work and cannot focus on this right now. We will talk about it when I get home. It looks good in your favor though if that gives you some peace of mind! Love you, Stiny"

Dad: "Ok."

Dad: "And I love you too."