Tuesday, February 21, 2012

10 Fun Facts About ME!

One: I did not know my name was Christina for the first 5 years of my life because my family referred to me as "Stiny", "Stinky", "Christinka", "Christupid" & every other clever, traumatizing nickname they could come up with.  

Two: I have a slight O.C.D. issue that has turned out to benefit my career.  

Three: Although I may be looking at you while in conversation and may even do gestures as if you have my full, undivided attention, my attention span only lasts approximately 4 minutes.

The time spent talking to me after 4 minutes is usually wasted. However, I most likely will tune back in around minute 7

Four: My Little Prince, Dylan, has developed a snoring habit and it is becoming difficult to ignore. (See "Exhibit A")

"Exhibit A"
(My Little Prince Dylan)

Five: I have at least 55 angry thoughts throughout the day, in which I must consciously talk myself down from at least 40 of them. 

Six: I watched Niki Minaj's scary Grammy performance seven times the other night. 

Seven: I love when people make me laugh. 

Eight: I really do believe that I will have a sit down conversation with Oprah one day and talk about life.

Nine: It fills my heart with joy to scare people and videotape it.(See "Exhibit's B, C, & D")
"Exhibit B"-(Strike One)

 "Exhibit C"-(Strike Two)

"Exhibit D"-(Strike 3)

Ten: In an effort to get him to "flip out", I used to get pure joy from jumping out of confined spaces and scaring my ex-marine/ex-boyfriend.

I am sad to report he never did lose his cool and "flip out". (Note- "Exhibit E" may reflect the reason as to why I am now single.)

"Exhibit E"
(Ex-Marine Not Flipping Out)

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