Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to Know if Your Dog Needs Training...

Thank goodness... After watching this video... I have come to the conclusion that Dylan definitely does not need any training...

In order to determine whether your dog needs training, you must first have the following:
  1. Problem Dog
  2. Discouragement
  3. Temporment
Step 1: Recoginize if you have a problem dog? Does your dog bite or chew the furniture? Are they consistently disobedient?
  • Dylan has never chewed the furniture and is only sometimes disobedient. 
Step 2: Ask yourself whether you have become discouraged in your attempts to train the dog? Do you feel trapped with a disobedient dog?
  • I will never become discouraged with training Dylan. We always learn new tricks together! 
Step 3: Consider your overall training goals for the dog.
  • My training goals for Dylan are as follows: (1) Dylan can be in the same room as children and not attack them; (2) I can pick Dylan up without the fear of him attacking me while he is sitting in a corner; (3) My roommates feel safe in their own home; (4) Dylan and I can walk peacefully throughout the neighborhood without have any attacking incidents on the neighbors, their children or their dogs; and (5) Dylan will learn to enjoy wearing human clothing.
Step 4: Consider the dogs temperament and level of confidence.Whether the dog is unable to control his temperament level.
  • Although he has had some issues controlling his temperament level, for the most part, Dylan has his attitude under control.  
Step 5: If the dog is only able to obey you out of fear, consider training school.
  • Dylan 100% does not fear me or anyone.
I knew it! Dylan is a good dog and I am a good mother! All he needs is a few more treats, some new tricks and maybe another brother or sister. 

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