Thursday, December 29, 2011

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, 

I am in disbelief that the holidays are near an end and Christmas has now passed. Although the year seemed to move fairly slow, the holidays seemed to move at an extreme speed!  

I would like to take the opportunity to say "Thank You" from my whole family. I understand it to be fairly difficult to reach every house in the entire world in only one night.

In addition to your long standing obligations, you stopped by my roommates house on Christmas Eve, mingled with my family, listened to our concerns, drank some red wine, ate some cookies, played with my little prince and you even stayed for dinner! You truly out did yourself. 

So... as promised, I am sending you some token pictures of your visit to our 2011 Ugly Sweater Christmas Eve Dinner! I hope you enjoy and please feel free to stop by again next year!

"Exhibit A
(Ugly Sweater Christmas Eve Dinner-My Sister's Girlfriend Won!)
"Exhibit B
(Ms. Nicole Marie and Mr. Oliver Really Out Did themselves)
 "Exhibit C
(Your Little Head Elf was Patiently Awaiting Your Arrival!)

"Exhibit D
(My Angry Older Sister was Angry When She Discovered 
Her Toilet Seat Cover Did Not Win Her The Ultimate Prize)
   "Exhibit E
(Mr. Oliver Showing His Sweet Sweater Off)
"Exhibit F
(My Aunt and Uncle Having Fun Before You Arrived!)

"Exhibit G
(My roommates dressed in ugly onesies)
"Exhibit H
(While the whole family was comparing creativity, to our complete surprise... you showed up!!!)

"Exhibit I" 
(My Little Prince Couldn't Believe His Eyes!)
 "Exhibit J" 
(You were so generous... I cannot believe how many gifts you brought!) 

"Exhibit H" 
(After receiving your favorite type of wine, you invited all of us to sit on your lap... 
Just like when we were little!)  

"Exhibit I" 
(Everyone could not wait to get a turn!) 
  "Exhibit J" 
(My roommates were ecstatic! Roommate No. 1 said he had not seen 
Saint Nicholas since his days in the jungles of Colombia!)  
 "Exhibit K" 
(You made his Christmas!)  
 "Exhibit L" 
(After everyone had their turn sitting on your lap, you wanted to pose for pictures!)

 "Exhibit M" 
(After pictures, I caught you jumping for joy outside!)

  "Exhibit N" 
(I was even surprised to see you "planking"!) 
   "Exhibit O" 
(Thank you from all of us for giving us the BEST Christmas present of all time!) 



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