Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Count Down Continues

In approximately 537 days I will be a Law School Graduate! 
Mood: Excitement! 
I have 172 days until I finish my third year. 
Mood: Determined!  
Only 24 days until third year mid-terms/finals...ahhh 
Mood: Sick feeling in my tummy. 
Just 14 days until my favorite Holiday-Thanksgiving! 
Mood: Hungry!

In 6 hours I have to have 100 pages worth of briefs completed for Evidence. 

Mood: Hmmmm... The amount is too large to have feelings regarding it.

So what have I learned by procrastinating the inevitable and creating these timelines of "stress" for myself? 

I have learned that Oprah has a good year and a half to RSVP to my invitation for her to attend my Law School Graduation in 2013, Turkey Dinner is so close I can taste it, I spend more time at the library than my own house and Evidence is brutal, but I still love it.  

Happy November Everyone!

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