Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Dad's Alter Ego Rebecca

One weekend, not so long ago, my roommates and I went out to dinner. After Roommate No. 2 and I polished off a couple bottles glasses of wine, Roommate No. 1 (Freddy) did his duties and drove us home safely.

When we arrived home, Roommate No. 1 retreated to his man cave and Roommate No. 2 and I continued the party.

As she was being her usually funny self, Roommate No. 2 proclaimed that she has an alter ego named "Tiffany"! We both laughed and I expressed to "Tiffany" how much fun she was and how I wished "Tiffany" could come out all the time.

As "Tiffany" continued to be the life of the party, Roommate No. 1 runs into the room where "Tiffany" and I were sitting and, with much excitement, proclaimed his intention of creating an alter ego as well.

As "Tiffany" and I listen intently, Roommate No. 2 revealed his alter ego's name:  


Trying not to crush my father's dreams of having an alter ego named "Rebecca", I immediately advised him that his alter ego could in fact be a boy.

Giving Tiffany and I a puzzled look as we laughed uncontrollably, Roommate No. 1 returned back to his man cave, where women, regardless of their names, are not allowed.

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