Friday, November 11, 2011

Do Not Buy This Product For Your Children

Ear Muffs Dylan!

Yesterday while browsing the net, I came across a picture of the cutest Hamster which melted my little heart.
"Exhibit A"
(Cutest Hamster)

Every time I look at the picture ("Exhibit A") I giggle because of how cute that thing is. 

However, I have a confession to make. 

I too once had a cute little hamster. Actually I had two. Their names were Babs and I actually forgot the second ones name. I will, therefore, refer to him as No. 2.

What I am about to tell you has been eating me up since I first came across this picture, i.e. yesterday. I apologize for what you are about to read; however, I deem this knowledge important for all of the parents, soon-to-be parents and potential parents out there who may be toying with the idea of getting your children a tiny little hamster for Christmas.

Like every other child on earth, I begged my parents for something that was not human and was alive. I begged them for a pet. The thought of my parents giving me the responsibility of another creature's life is chilling. (Note- But Thank You Parents For Having Faith!)

However, after much consideration, my parents agreed to buy me two hamsters named Babs and No. 2. Along with the Hamsters, I received this contraption:

"Exhibit B"
(Death Trap)
The purpose for this ball is to give your pet a false sense of freedom and allow them to roam free throughout the house. 

"Exhibit C"
(How Death Trap Works)
Well, for a 6 year old child who plays soccer and doesn't understand the concept of empathy, the purpose of this ball is not to allow our 4 legged friend to roam the house freely, it is to occasionally kick it like a soccer ball.

I apologize Babs and No. 2. Although you were never actually hurt and it did seem like you enjoyed the rush of my sister and I throwing the plastic ball around, I do understand that our actions were probably not in your best interest. 

I am, therefore, advising all of the parents to be aware of what this ball is really used for if you decide to get your little rugrats a furry friend for the holidays.  

Or... you can just teach your kids not to harm small animals. Awkward

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