Sunday, November 6, 2011

Your Weekly Freddy Update

Oh Freddy. How you make my heart full. 

Freddy had some good one-liners for Sunday and of course I would love to share them with you!

Event No. 1:  

Freddy: "I am going to Trader Joe's to get some Mochi-Balls. (His new favorite dessert) Anyone need anything?" 

Me: "Yes can you grab me some half and half milk for tomorrow morning please?" 

Freddy: "No!" As he runs out of the house. He returned with no half and half. 

Event No. 2: (Freddy gets home from Trader Joe's and starts opening the Mochi Balls) 

Roommate No. 2: "Freddy, I am making a big dinner. Don't eat too much." 

Freddy: "Ok. I will only have one box." 

Event No. 3: 

Freddy: "Someone should really feed the dogs." As he walks past the dog bowl eating a mochi-ball. 

Event No. 4: 

Roommate No. 2: "Freddy, would you like to help me make the bed?" 

Freddy: "No. Not tonight! Thank you for asking!" (As he retreats into his den eating more Mochi-Balls)

Event No. 5: (Freddy walks into the kitchen with two empty Mochi Ball containers)

I give Freddy a look.

Freddy: "Don't judge me."

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