Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Sister is Going to Be on David Letterman!

Well.... Not exactly.

My family and I are traveling to New York next week for my cousin's wedding. 

Because my sister and her side kick Jon will be arriving before their best friend in the whole world, ME!, my sister decided to make the most out of a horrible situation.

Since one of the million amazing things to do while in New York City is to attend the David Letterman Show, my sister called his "office" to ask for tickets.  I believe she left a message with his assistant. 

Although I did not want to break my sister's spirits that her dream of going to the David Letterman Show may be a tad bit ambitious, I must admit, I did have my doubts.

However, during our 8:00 a.m. ritual of talking on the phone until I arrive at work, David Letterman's Assistant interrupted our conversation with a telephone call!

Although I was slightly annoyed at the interruption, I graciously allowed my sister to answer the call and waited patiently on the other line.

After speaking with Mr. Letterman's Assistant and correctly answering a trivia question, my sister "clicked" back over screaming that her and her girlfriend Jon are going to the Letterman Show on Wednesday, October 12, 2011!

I should warn you that my sister has been known to make it onto TV. Please see "Exhibit A" which illustrates my sister's star performance on the Price is Right back in '98. 

Please note, the Jon that my sister is giving a shout out to in her "Hi Jon" sequence is now her husband and all the 7's that she chooses are because Jon's football jersey was No. 7. 

"Exhibit A"

 Good luck sister! Make us famous! Wear a "" T-Shirt!
(Note- I still call my sister "sister".)

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