Monday, October 17, 2011

Wait... Is This Bad?

So... My "friend's" boss may be slightly behind in the world of technology. However, this is excellent for me her because he truly believes that she is a computer genius!

However, being a computer genius has its downsides... like being the only one able to access YouTube in the office. 

A couple of years back, after hearing repeated references from her boss to the old TV Show "The Loan Ranger" and before her boss was able to explain for the 143,254 time what "pale face" actually meant, my "friend" quickly accessed YouTube so that she could see the "joke" first hand. 

This officially began the YouTube Phenomenon. 

As she accessed YouTube for the first time, her boss was shocked. After watching a scene from the Loan Ranger, he expressed his excitement and disbelief that he was able to see that scene again. He had not watched the Loan Ranger since he was a little boy. 

Soon thereafter, YouTube references became their daily routine. My "friends" boss was determined to find something that was not on YouTube. He would, therefore, make me my "friend" do repeated searches throughout the day to test whether or not YouTube really had everything

To my friends dismay, YouTube did have everything. Literally, every 1920's, 1930's, 1940's & 1950's reference; YouTube had the clip. 

Work began to pick up and being the determined, hard working, ambitious, beautiful, reliable, amazing person my friend is, she desperately wanted to minimize the time at work spent "playing" YouTubes and maximize the amount of time spent actually working.

Although this may seem like an easy task, advising her Boss that she will no longer help him look up YouTube videos was certainly out of the question.

My "friend" then came up with a brilliant idea. Being the computer genius that she is, she gently advised my her boss that YouTube was no longer compatible with their computer and they would no longer be able to watch YouTube videos in the future.

As my her boss sadly retreated to his office, my "friend" let out a sigh of relief that she would now be able to concentrate on work and not be interrupted by the sound of "Let's Do a YouTube" any longer.

About a year after my friend broke the news to her boss that YouTube was no longer compatible with their computer, my her boss began going through a tough time. 

One morning, my "friend" decided to do something that would undoubtedly make her boss happy again: Bring YouTube Back. 

When her boss walked into work on this particular morning, my "friend" yelled to him, "guess what? I figured out how to get YouTube back on our computer!"

My "friend's" boss jumped with joy and my friend was happy to see her boss excited about life again. Plus, because my "friend" was able to fix YouTube for her boss, she was now considered a "brilliant computer genius"! 

My "friend's" boss immediately had a list of YouTube videos that he wanted to look up. 

She immediately regretted what she had done. Fml. I mean her life.

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