Friday, October 21, 2011

Tasmanian Devil Broke into My Office

Get ready... you are about to read a rant. I apologize in advance. 

Every morning when I arrive to work, my desk is a mess and disorganized. Why? Why? Why? 

Although I may be a procrastinator and sometimes slightly disorganized in my own life, I am annoyingly O.C.D. organized at work.

Everyday when I leave work, there is never a project unfinished, never a file out of place and my desk is always clean, clear and organized.

Yet, everyday when I return, only a few hours later, my desk looks as though a Tasmanian Devil broke into my office, caused as much destruction as humanly possible and left the scene just in time for me to fix the chaos that just took place. 

"Exhibit A"
(Tasmanian Devil)
When this madness first started to occur, I thought to myself:

"Self: how can I make my buddy's life even easier so that the Tasmanian Devil in him will not come out every night and I can arrive to work with a clean, clear and organized desk... just how I left it?"

I started to create new tricks to make it easier for my little Tasmanian Devil to find things. I began to label everything. I implemented a new filing system within our filing system to make things more self-explanatory. 

I color code, make lists for the color code and make instructions for the color code... nothing works.

I have frequently tried to learn and understand the logic and behavior behind my little Tasmanian Devil's actions. I have become a fantastic listener, I am attentive, I make sure my Tasmanian Devil's stress levels are low. 

But still, this creature has a mind of its own. 

Why, my little Tasmanian Devil, do you insist on reorganizing my desk everyday? Although I understand it is your nature to spin very quickly, trying to keep up with the madness is becoming overwhelming.  

P.S. THE STAPLER DOES NOT GO ON THE FLOOR! I feel better. Thank you.

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