Friday, October 28, 2011

Funniest Family Member of 2011

This week has been intense.  

From work being out of control busy and school being slightly overwhelming, it did not help my week hearing that my dad's train derailed while he was on a business trip in Madrid. (True story, but I am being 100% dramatic... duh.)

In anticipation of my dad's return home, I wrote THIS letter to my dad, advising him to call me to assure me he was ok or I would jump on a flight to Madrid to find him.

In response to my blog post, my dad wrote the following on Facebook: 

Dad: "I wish I knew how to comment on your blog but since I don't know, I'll comment here. I am on my way home safe and sound. Although I felt like crying like a little girl when the train was shaking violently, I managed to hold it together and not soil my pants. I video recorded the evacuation with my iPhone but when I got back to the station they made me erase it."

Me: "Dad. I miss you. You might win the funniest family member 2011. The title seems to be solidly in your hands as of this date. Although I want to spend the whole weekend catching up, painting our nails and gossiping with you, I unfortunately have some business to attend to this weekend. Our catch up session will have to wait until Monday. I ♥ you!"

Note- As you may recall, my family has a competition every year to recognize/ award the family member who has exerted the funniest behavior for the year. It is the ultimate award. To read more about this exciting family tradition, click HERE

The picture below is just an example why my father has previous claimed the title.  

"Exhibit A
(My Dad [Left] and Uncle [Right] on Christmas 2011)
Now back to the Facebook Chain:

My dear cousin, Ms. Nicole Marie, always gives my dad some competition. She responded to our Facebook Chain with the following:

Ms. Nicole Marie: "Dearest Uncle, I am so glad to hear you are ok from that super scary experience and am going to have to agree with Xtina you are banned form traveling anymore. In regards to your post above I am chuckling to myself as to the fact that you know what soling yourself means and that you admitted you almost did. fhjkdfhjsdhfk. You might just win this contest 3 years in a row. You need to send out a fam email about how your going to win again and how everyone else needs to step it up because you are so funny! =)"

In response, my Dad writes: "Thank you girls for your kind words of concern. You three are the ones I thought off as sparks were flying, smoke was filling the coach babies were crying women were screaming. It was hard to remain composed as I did thru the small fire just outside of my door. I tried to save as many as I could but it was impossible, I couldn't carry the fat ones. It was god's will."

He makes my heart whole. I wonder if anyone else thinks he is as funny as we do! I guess it would be helpful to understand that my dad talks with a slight Colombian accent and shocks us with certain English words, i.e. soil in pants, that we never knew he knew.

Step it up family. The day is getting nearer that "The 2011 Funniest Family Member" will be crowned! 

Good Luck!


  1. Crap - I better get my funny on. Anyhow, I should remind you that once again you have boobed up the father and uncle / right left / left right thing. Your dad is in fact on the left. Notice that he does not jump as high as Maurdo "Jordan" Adames on the right!

  2. hahaha this is really funny you got 1.43 points on this one, oops true that Nat! ;)


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