Friday, September 9, 2011

Dear Dad

My dad kills me... 

Our family started an interesting Christmas tradition about two years ago. Every Christmas, the entire family as a whole will vote to see who has been the funniest family member for the past year. The winner will receive a crown, a lot of street cred. and the official title of the "Funniest Family Member of 20__". 

These competitions are no joke in my family. Throughout the year, there are email chains going around daily between all of us working hard to try and make everyone go into the choking laugh. 

(I know what you are thinking. How can you tell if someone on the other end of the computer went into a choking laugh? Well, that is a very good question. 

My family does "computer choking laughs". If you see symbols like: "klajlfjka"; "bahahahahha"; "#$*&(@(" or words such as "OMG I CAN'T BREATH" or "DYING" even the occasional respect of "You win." will demonstrate that there is a family member on the other end of the computer laughing so hard, they are most likely choking.)

Well... My dad won the award last year and became the official Funniest Family Member of 2010. There were a few major reasons he took this award from all of us who were diligently competing, however, I believe his every day antics gave him a landslide win. 

I have compiled some of his best work via email HERE (or you can click the "Dear Dad" Tab above).

Here is one of my favorites:  

Date: August 27, 2010

Re: Early Christmas Present?!

Me: "Hi Dad!!!!

I have an amazing opportunity for you!!!! My professor told the class about these pens and how it would be a great thing to get for law school.

As you take notes, it records the lecture, allows you to upload the notes to your computer, translates it into script  and comes with a pad of paper that records images of your notes and puts it into PDF form. Check it out!!!!"

Dad: "OMG!!!!!!!! I am so exited! And SHIPMENT IS FREE with Super Saver Shipping! Would you please buy it with my credit card so I can give it to you as a surprise?"

Me: "Dad...I'm going to have to think about this one. Ill let you know what I decide is best for the both of us. I will need some time."

Dad: "Christina, but it comes with gift wrap option, and it can be delivered by Monday August 30!, please…………………………………….."

Me: "Freddy, You need to be patient. I am at work and cannot focus on this right now. We will talk about it when I get home. It looks good in your favor though if that gives you some peace of mind! Love you, Stiny"

Dad: "Ok."

Dad: "And I love you too."

Or it could perhaps be because he did this: 
(My dad is on the left and my uncle is on the right... shhhh He's up for the award this year.)

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  1. fhdjkasgfladhgjkdfhs seriously Dying!!! This is toooo funny!


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