Sunday, September 25, 2011

Best Friends

My sister and I got off to a rough start when I was born. The news of my mom being pregnant with me devastated her. 

In an attempt to avoid the inevitable, my sister would run head first into my mom’s pregnant stomach with hopes that she would stay an only child. 

Her attempts to murder me luckily failed.

When I was born, things started to look up. She accepted the fact that she was no longer an only child and even became interested having a baby around.  She would dress me and my mom would allow her to feed me, only while being supervised.

My sister's curiosity lasted for approximately the first two months of my life. 

Extreme boredom soon set in and she was ready to get back to "normalcy", which apparently I did not exist in.

I slowly began to fear for my life.

"Exhibit A-Notice the Fear in my Eyes"

This fearful state only lasted so long and some where down the rocky road of being sisters, there came a time when my sister began to like me.  

Even though we were sometimes mistaken for brothers, my sister was always quick to correct the fact that we were girls.

"Exhibit B-Best Friends"

I think this sudden change in heart happened when I started attending her elementary school, which she vigorously begged my mom to keep me out of. 

I think my sister realized that being an older sister wasn't so bad!

"Exhibit C"
I realized that this "hate" for me was in fact fake when she started doing the following:

1. Holding my hand on every first day of school.
2. Siting next to me on the school bus when I was scared.
3. Always meeting me at the white line at every break she had.
4. Sticking up for me when someone would call me a boy; and 
5. Always laughing when I said something funny.

It's interesting when I sit back and think how far we have come.... not much has changed.
"Exhibit D-Best Friends"

 Well... maybe some things have sister doesn't look like a little boy named Pedro anymore. 

Night night! Can't wait for our 8:00 a.m. conversation tomorrow morning!

I have zero to talk about... so you better bring something good to the table.

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