Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Countdown Continues

In approximately 571 days, 13908 hours, 834531 minutes or 50071657 seconds, I will be a Law School Graduate!

Mood: Slightly Stressed because Ms. Winfrey has not responded to her invitation as of today's date.

I have 214 days, 5148 hours, 308927 minutes or 21095615 seconds until I finish my third year.

Mood: Anxious.

Only 62 days, 1597 hours, 95865 minutes or 5751928 seconds until third year mid-terms...ahhh.

Mood: Starting to get really Stressed. 

In 1 days, 32 hours, 1783 minutes or 106985 seconds I will be leaving my little devil, I mean prince, with my roommates and jet setting to Las Vegas to meet my momma for a Birthday Celebration.

Mood: Excited! Happy Birthday Mom!

Unfortunately, I will most likely be unable to update you on the status of Dylan's behavioral issues, my obsession admiration for Oprah, my daily sister put downs, my dad's struggles as a U.S. Citizen, my brother-in-law's fear of gnomes, my law school studies, my favorite things of the minute and my mood switching rants until I return on Monday.

Until then, if I do not make it home alive, it has been nice communicating with you.

I shall leave my shoes to Ms. NicoleMarie, my bed sheets and furniture to my roommates, all of my Law School stuff to my friend Rick, my wardrobe to my friends, my car to my neighbor Eddie and my little prince to my sister and brother-in-law. Everything else shall be divided equally among my family.

Disclaimer: Eddie- If you ever read this, you really don't get my car. I apologize for the confusion. I actually do not even have authority to "will" my car to anyone if that makes you feel better. I believe my roommates have proper title to all of my possessions....Except Dylan! And you can't have him either. He belongs to my beloved sister and brother-in-law. 


Thank you for your comment! Dylan and I love to hear what you think! Sincerely, Xtina