Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Well This is Awkward

Although many of you may believe that some of my stories are false, or possibly exagerated, I am slightly embarrassed to inform you that they are in fact true.

My dear friend, Ms. Pretty Unpretentious, sent me the following picture this morning with the headline... "Awkward":

"Exhibit A"

Although I felt slightly discouraged from continuing to pursue my dream after I was banned last night from posting on Ms. Winfrey's fan page wall, I am in fact allowed again to proceed with my attempts to bring my idol to my Law School graduation in May 2013

And to my Dear Friend Ms. Winfrey: I apologize for the social overload last night and this morning. I admit, the 18th post may have been too much. I promise to limit my daily contacts to you to one social outlet per day. 

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