Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dylan's Driver's Licence

In all of the beautiful pictures of my little angel, you may have noticed something that resembles a driver's licence around his neck.

"Exhibit A"
I thought it was important that I clarify something: The "license" around Dylan's neck is not in fact a real driver's license. 

Although it would be funny to see little Dylan joy riding around town, I think public policy outweighs my personal benefit of Dylan being able to operate machinery.

It is, however, a great conversation piece when the person he attacks is asking for your information and you politely tell them that it can be found on his driver's license, which is conveniently located around his little neck that I am about to wring. 

I got this little gem at a couple of years ago. Which reminds me, it's expired so I must purchase another one.

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