Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Picture Jump!

My cousin, Ms. Nicole Marie, introduced the family to a tradition that we hold very close to our hearts: Picture Jumping!

We picture jump everywhere. We do it at home, in subways, parking lots, beaches, weddings, churches, friends houses, other countries, etc.

Although there is an art to creating the perfect picture jump, some of our family has it down slightly better than others. 

I will refrain from naming any names in an effort to avoid the "bad jumper" from becoming discouraged. 

Anywho, in order to get the perfect picture jump you must be working with an experienced photographer.

If an experience photographer is unavailable, you are running the risk of a "premature" picture.

"Exhibit A"-Premature Picture

Another conflict that may arise if you are working with an inexperience photographer, is the possibility of not capturing the jump due to timing.

If the picture is not taken at a certain time, which is when all jumpers are perfectly lined up in the air, the picture jump will not be perfect.

"Exhibit B"- 
Bad Timing- Notice the Woman in the Black and How She Wasn't Ready.

However, sometimes even if you do all things right and you are still unable to capture a perfect picture jump, you may just be lacking an experienced jumper, a.k.a. "The Bad Jumper" discussed supra. 

"Exhibit C"- Bad Jumper
Notice the "Bad Jumper" in the Black.

I remind myself to not get frustrated and to be patient with our "Bad Jumper".  You should remember to stay calm as well.
I know in my heart, one day our family will get the perfect picture jump.

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